Easy to install telematics On Board Unit based on the Octo KM technology and equipped with an li-ion power back up battery. It consists of an embedded microprocessor, 6-axes internal integrated accelerometer and gyroscope, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 module, GSM/GPRS module with an internal antenna, e-Sim and a Multi-Constellation GNSS receiver.

Installed under the hood on the top of the vehicle battery.
Lenght:81mm; Width: 41mm
Height: 12,4mm; Weight: 58,5g


Small, easy to install, flexible I/O, includes a power backup. It consists of a multi-processor core with integrated accelerometer and gyroscope, Bluetooth Low Energy, GMS/GPRS modem, Multi-Constel Iation GPS Receiver with integrated antennas.

Professionally installed in the vehicle cabin.
Lenght:105mm; Width: 60mm
Height: 17mm; Weight: 95g