New Car SharingOperator

"Omoove made it simple to start from scratch and begin operating our business in a short amount of time. They gave us all the tools and experience we needed to run the business end to end."

Omoove helped a new free-floating car sharing operator rapidly grow and become a leading operator in its various locations. From the first point of contact with Omoove, to the launch of a 300 vehicle fleet, it only took three months to be fully operational in five large cities in one country. The operator is now providing thousands of users everyday access to vehicles.

Car Sharing Operator

"We could easily manage the transition from our legacy platform to a higher performing platform, Omoove, all while integrating multiple third-party devices. They made it simple to use old and new devices together with no interruptions."

Omoove worked with an existing car sharing operator that had over 300 vehicles, but wanted to change proprietary technologies to have more services; simpler pricing models, greater capabilities to integrate third-party devices, and the ability to use the legacy system together with the new platform. After three months, the operator has fully adopted the new platform and is now using its old devices and new devices together. Having the entire infrastructure on single platform lets the operator have a single cost of ownership per month with no surprises.

Corporate Car Sharing Operator

"With Omoove, we were able to implement a car sharing program for the benefit and convenience of our employees, all while reducing the total cost of mobility for our organization."

A European company with about 1,000 employees in two major cities wanted to launch a fleet of 10 corporate car sharing vehicles to allow employees to move between both cities with more ease. Almost immediately, the fleet helped the company reduce travel costs. The employees loved the convenience of car sharing, and the Omoove platform made it possible to use the vehicles for ride sharing, including private use on weekends.

Peer Group

"Omoove's solution provides in-depth crash management and a powerful driver scoring model, giving our community members the confidence and trust they needed to share their own vehicles."

Omoove empowered a peer-to-peer operator by installing EasyShare devices on all vehicles. When there were cases of vehicle misuse, the operator was informed immediately. The operators’ clearer understanding of driver behavior resulted in lower insurance costs, as they could take corrective actions to ensure safer driving.